Monday, August 24, 2009

Markets have a role in malaria treatment

By sheer serendipity, I happened to pick up a copy of The Guardian (link text), my favorite British newspaper, in London last Thursday and saw an interesting piece on the challenges in providing malaria treatment by Sarah Boseley, the Guardian health editor. I thought Sarah captured very well the dire lack of Coartem malaria treatment in most of the country. But I was dismayed by the way she suddenly turned against the role of the market in providing such treatment at the very end of her story, even after admitting the failure of the public sector to do so and praising the ability of companies like Coca-Cola to make their products widely available.

So I felt compelled to challenge her dissing of the potential for markets to contribute to health care in developing countries, and today my letter was published in The Guardian.

And here is the story of my own encounter with malaria treatment in Uganda based on my trip to Uganda in 2008, and which I cited in my letter. 

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